What are your dreams about your health?

Shkruar nga Anabel

13 Mars 2019

Deciphering the meaning of dreams is closely related to the brain, but what you may not know is that dreams show much to your health. We start?

1. Remember more dreams than usual.

Long, detailed dreams can entertain your listening friends, but they are not a sign and good for you. Studies have proved that people who wake up often at night clearly remember every dream they have ever seen. So you may not be doing good sleep.

2. Strange dreams

See what you eat if you dream strange things. A stomach pain, or a blend causes you discomfort and consequently your dreams are not common.

3. Do not dream a seed dream.

If you never remember a dream, you may suffer from sleep apnea, sleep disorder. Early awakening makes you do not mind the importance of sleep and the less your dreams.

4. Get many dreams!

If you see dream dreams - including here during lunch breaks - you may be suffering from "narcolepsy". This disorder makes you feel tired during the day and weak. The sleep regimen breaks down and the dream process starts long before it starts normal.