Karakteristikat e Shenjave

How to distinguish a Fish Sign from a distance

Shkruar nga Anabel

19 Shkurt 2019

When you meet fishermen, you first see their feet. They will be quite small and elegant (including men), or on the other hand, they can be big and broad, like the feet of someone who worked barefoot in the field. The skin will be mild, hair often wavy and usually with the toes (though you will encounter a large number of the characters of this brunette).

Fish eyes are fluid, with heavy eyelids and full of strange lights. Often, but not always, they are somewhat pronounced and extremely imposing. The eyes of some Pisces are simply beautiful. There is no other word to describe them. The features are elastic and movable and you will usually find more marks than wrinkles. Little Fish are long; Neptune's bodies have ever been constructed unsuitable, but with their extraordinary grace, this is rarely apparent. They look like slipping, rather than walking, walking in the room or down the street. Sometimes, they are real. Where's the water? It may be somewhere near and Fish is pulled out of it.

You may have read that the Fish Sign symbol, formed by two floating fish in the opposite direction, indicates that Neptune is divided into two parts, with double wishes. Indeed, it is not so. Double wishes belong to the Twins. The two fish in opposite directions symbolize the choice given to the Fish: to swim up or to swim in the end and fail to achieve their goals. The fish have to learn that they are here, to serve humanity in a way and to stay away from the richness of this world.

The Gnostic Aquarius eyebrow, which swam against the stream, created a whole new world of relative time. Swim-down fishes serve to wash the dishes or to remove snow. The choice is always there, because talent is never lacking, but the fish, with eyes clearly visible on both sides, sometimes find it difficult to look ahead. Pisces often attracted by the sublime heights of a devoted professional life, or artificial and false emotions.

Despite their innate embarrassment, they often become some of the best performers in the theater. But only if they struggle with antipathy that has to do with tedious work and exhausting evidence, as well as harassment of the gloomy but necessary years of experience. Memorizing is rarely a problem for them. Fish Memory is legendary, though with a touch of the moon or Mercury, they can forget their phone numbers.

Fish must preserve its energy and not be overcome by other people's fatigue, hardships and emergencies. Poor when they are infants, infrequently strong when they are children (if they do not have a strong influence on the planet Mars, on the birth chart), the Pisces people seem to have a slow metabolism, which is why they often waking up with weary and weary eyes.

Poor eating habits can cause liver problems and bowel functions, as well as digestive problems. Patient, hand or key problems are common, as well as colds, flu and bronchial pneumonitis.

The lungs are not very strong and the fringes and pegs are weak from birth. These people seem to have either k

weak and plump feet, or very strong and supple legs. There is no intermediary for these. However, they have a hidden internal resistance and one of Neptune's greatest challenges is to uncover this latent force and point it out. Pays have the ability to hypnotize themselves and others for almost everything they choose, including fears from dogs, rats, heights, lifts, elevators, and crowds of people.

Note: This article is updated. For the first time posted in January 2014 ( Characteristics of FISH by Linda Goodman)