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The teenage Olta Gixhari has nothing to do with the Olten today!

10 Shkurt 2019

The first thought that comes to mind when looking at Olta Gixhari is definitely that of a sensual, seductive and full-bodied woman. But it seems that the actual figure of the actress is not related to that of many years ago.

Invited to "The Sun", Gixhari introduced us another version of himself in teens. Captain, rebellious and savage enough ...

"I'll tell you a detail I did not say on the screen. I became a female in appearance in the first year, second grade gymnasium. All my life I have kept jeans, hanging chains, a stick in my hand, hats and long haired tail hair. So I was always and my mom called to school by the directorship as they complained that I beat the boys. "

Chains ?! Stick in hand? Beats the boys? Olta, are you ?!