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In February, did the rogue painter infiltrate the 'ByPass Show'?

4 Shkurt 2019

Saga Edlir Reka continues! In a recent post on Instagram, the young man from Berat writes among other things that "Bypass Sho in Vizion Plus suggested that I was their infiltrator by telling others of my Instagram that I was a world-famous artist. Why me? Because I'm a painter and actor and I was the right person. "According to him, all this television game was an experiment that proved to what extent Albanian journalism is.

The same thing was said by the moderator of "ByPass Sho", Agim Bajko. When this news was received, Rudina Magician's staff responded, where through a Facebook post, the journalist Osman Stafa explains that the issue of infiltration was nothing more than an irony by the show, but Edliri used it to clean up his image somewhat.

"Edliri, the first few days seemed to reflect, since he wiped out everything that related to fictitious controversies that he had won international awards, and even wrote a script saying" I'll resume again. "But he was still gone after several days I have communicated these days with Edlir's close friends who some of them no longer communicate with him because of the deceiving person who came out because he had deceived them as well as he tried to do it publicly. ByPass Sho "in Vizion Plus, to explain why he has done all this, he responds positively, because there was already another plan on his head, and he said he was a journalist for this show. immediately, not thinking desolate anything he had left behind, and had left a lot of evidence for his deceptions, which he treats as he always does with his characters (he's basically ironic.) They have the right to interview any person, but my opinion is that they should not have been dealing with a person who already came out publicly and apologized for fraud and needed a psychiatrist rather than an interview. " among others in the post titled "The Truth of a Deception" Series 2.

Likewise, the journalist also has a critique for "Bypass Shoe":

"Just as it should not have allowed him to abuse this way, because he falls tomorrow that a person who is caught with 3 tons of canabis comes out of us as a journalist of Bypass and that he is trying to prove the police saw his cheating, because he apparently was carrying bananas. And ByPass's ironiness, Edliri sincerely answers that today in social networks has begun to believe that he is really a journalist of this show. because he continues to do so badly I have a call for those who know Edrir for his family Make that boy to a psychiatrist before his delirium has no boundaries He needs to be healed if we really want him ByPass itself confirms that they simply irony with the character and his role as a "journalist" of the show, because he is nothing more than a rogue who needs rehabilitation. believe it is a journalist, not a painter. "

For anyone who is unaware of the January 25th afternoon, Rudina Magician invited her studio Edlir Reka, a notorious figure for the general public. The 21-year-old from Berat was invited to several television studios (including "Invitation to 5") and was interviewed by several newspapers (such as the Albanian newspaper) where he talked about his experience at an exhibition held in Russia, according to which the painting was victorious and even hung on the Museum of Modern Art, Moscow. Everywhere he went, Reka talked about the invitation that came from the Mayor of Saint Petersburg and the winning painting he did overnight. But it was all a lie, so Reka was torn to Rudina.