Shoes that are hostage the world for decades!


Even though they were designed 60 years ago, today's Chanel shoes are among the most coveted. Every season, as soon as they come back to attention, the shoes in question are accompanied by a sales boom.

But what makes them so popular?

Designed in 1957 by Coco Chanel, two-tone shoes were an imitation of men's shoes, with the contrast of shades making the toe look smaller and longer leg.

Over the years, the world has seen infinite imitations and inspirations from the dynamical model, from ordinary people, to street style (#streetstyle), or to big fashion houses.

Take a look at these photos of the past:

Actress Claudine Auger-Paris, 1960
Model Linda Evangelista- 1992

Still today in 2019, Chanel shoes (or a rough model) are an intelligent choice. Provide elegance and combine easily.

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