You may be betraying and not understanding!

11 Janar 2019

Apart from the classic case, when you see him in a jacket or a lace lipstick, there are some other hidden signs that speak of betrayal that is as severe as the physical one.

Many emotional betrayal tend to hide it, but deeply you feel it when the actual relationship has come to an end.

1. You have more emotions to see that man and not your partner.

Emotional energy is the key element in a relationship. And if all this energy does not go on for the boyfriend, but for someone who recently gets your attention ...

2. You fantasize about this man, but not the kind of fantasy you are thinking right now.

Probably sexual fantasies lead to Channing Tatum, but those emotions to the new person. You imagine the scene with the protagonist, or think about how he would behave as compared to your boyfriend in a given situation.

3. That man has become your motive without realizing it.

You just got a good news from work. Who is the first man you show him?

4. You are complaining about your boyfriend.

Up to a certain point this is normal, but do not forget that when you complain to another boyfriend, you get even closer to him.

5. You are ready to do everything for this man.

We do an experiment. You have come out to buy your loved ones a gift. In the mall you see something and remember that the other person likes too much. The girlfriend's gift went through the second eye. What does this mean?