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What did not you say about the menopause: Penetration is extremely painful

5 Janar 2019

"Whenever I hear a couple of teenagers enjoy a satisfying sex life, I'm amazed at a never-to-be-missed aspect." Menopause is the subject of the moment, top-down people are turning it into a cause, men in the office are advised to say "Menopause" three times a day to be sympathetic to colleagues. "Rash, fever and sweat are discussed in the newspapers, but the worst symptom is not mentioned anywhere: get to know the giant elephant in the bedroom, Vagina's Thate.

Dear young women, do not underestimate what I am telling you. I easily passed all the symptoms of menopause. Fever? Wear well. Sweating? Drink water. What about a burning vagina? How much lubricant can you use. Even after the lubrication, penetration is extremely painful. After penetration into the degree of pain comes urination after sex. How did the other post-menopausal women who are sexually active? Were they saved?

I like sex. My husband loves sex. I do not want to give up. Finally, I turned to the nightmare. I did not want to tell my husband because he would feel guilty and anxious. It's not his fault. Shortly before, a vaginal infection appeared to me, highlighting the problem. After a week of antibiotics, the doctor advised me about estrogen, which I have to apply in the vagina. So far, has done his job. The side effects are infinitely small, according to my gynecologist. For a happy sex life, it is a reasonable price. Congratulate us lucky. "

Written by an anonymous woman for The Guardian