Marry this man if it is so!

9 NĂ«ntor 2018

Not to prolong too much, below are some signs that will make you share your mind once and for all. End this story, or plan a wedding day.

1. This connection gives you anxiety.

We do not say that you will never have trouble or difficult days, but you will also feel that you are not all the time anxious. It's not like in previous links. There are no doubts about his feelings, nor about the future. Feel safe and relaxed with it.

2. He reflects!

There are not many things you would like to change, but when you say what you recently liked, he listens and tries to do better. Marry this man.

3. You are not afraid to show that you are happy among your friends.

When you talk about it, your eyes laugh for joy. You are in love and so happy. Say it!

4. He sacrifices for you and you do the same for him.

He is ready to change cities to be with you if an important job for you is abroad. You would do the same.

Share the same principles.

You both know when you want children and you are ready to look the same. Also agree on the private time that will pass each. You look so good!


6. Although many years have passed, he still surprises you with tiny gestures.

7. When you think about marrying her, you do not mind the weddings, but the fact that you will live with her.

8. You've successfully come up with a remote connection.

9. "Missing" is not just a sweet word.

10. Feel comfortable when planning your future with it.

11. You can weep in his eyes without getting embarrassed.

12. He cares about your friends.

13. Even when you do not look, he says you're so sexy!

14. He works hard, but his priority remains.