What to do with sour cream, instructions for births after the 90s

25 Shtator 2018

If natural soda is in the ambient temperature for a while, know that it does not break. In fact, it will begin to ferment and thicken in a rich colony and bacteria that can be used to make yogurt from scratch. In this way, a yogurt bowl turns into another yogurt bowl, infinitely.

Buy natural yogurt without added ingredients or sugar if you want to get all the nutritional values ​​including probiotics such as lactobacillus and bifidus, essential bacteria for the well-being of the digestive tract. Scandal dates are of no value when it comes to sour. Smell or taste it and if it appears to be dry, do not discard it. Use it as a dressing for cooked vegetables, drain it and make labneh - another way to say sour cream - or roll it into small stuffed pumpkins like sumac or za'atar.

To make yogurt yourself, you need one liter of homogenized milk. After the milk boils, let it cool and reach the temperature 45-50 ° C. Then add 50 ml of natural yogurt to milk, put the mass in a lid or bottle container and let it boil overnight. In Albania, lukewarm milk mixed with sour cream, dressed in garments to make the final mass of creamy and creamy yogurt. Do not forget to save some sour seeds for the next time.

Labneh, or thick sour cream

Labneh comes from the Middle East and does not want much to do. What you need.

500g natural yogurt, salt, spices: nigella seeds, za'atar, sumac, rose petals, cornflower, aleppo pepper, dried specie seeds, and olive oil.

In a bowl, place a loaf of cheese or a thin cloth. Add a little salt to the mash and then pour over the dough. Leave at room temperature overnight or until you notice that the hair is tightened sufficiently. You can serve it as it is, like sour cream stronger than usual or you can rotate it in pellets you can keep in olive oil for more than a month. You can cover them in spices and serve with olive oil.