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15 crazy devices that will use our grandchildren in the future!

6 Korrik 2018

Technology has come to change us quarterly. We do not play, we do not learn, we do not live as once. For more and more days it advances and alters our moments. And if you continue at this pace, we say that the future will be miles away from the past and the present.

And since we're here, we're giving you a quick idea of ​​who might be some of the electronic gadgets that will use our grandchildren.

Pencils 3D

Devices that allow you to touch the music, its sounds

Divan pluskues

Instant washing, drying and ironing machines

Robotic luggage

Devices that keep jewels and other small objects in the air

Towel and towel disinfectant

TV Transparent

Hours said

Shoes for selfie

Electronic device holders inside the toilet


Devices that relieve pain

The apparatus that translates the thoughts of animals into human language

Hot socks